Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Jackie Chan says there is no differentiation between Chinese and Hong Kong films
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Jackie Chan serves on the National Committee of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference. Yesterday he attended the culture and art committee meeting. He stated that now there is no differentiation between Chinese and Hong Kong films. Hong Kong films needed to expand its horizon to be able to become international. His comment led to strong responses online. Many scolded him for forgetting where he came from, since he started in Hong Kong film he would not be here without Hong Kong film. They also said that he went international with Hong Kong films. Some online also supported Jackie Chan's comments and said that currently Hong Kong film indeed is in a depression.

Jackie Chan was asked about his view on co-productions. He said, "There is only one type of film called Chinese film. Hong Kong film is also Chinese film. Some of us make Hong Kong films only for Hong Kong, but Hong Kong can make OPERATION RED SEA for all of China. When you make Wong Tai Sin it may only be shown in Hong Kong, in China its box office would definitely be poor as they wouldn't understand it. However when you produce with a little grander vision, more international, like OPERATION RED SEA and WOLF WARRIOR, you can go international." He spoke of current Hong Kong and Mainland collaborated productions, which had quota for Hong Kong actors and crew. He would fight to eliminate it to be on the same par as Taiwan.

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