Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Nick Cheung and Louis Cheung
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai's third directed and starred film THE TROUGH (DAI NGAK CHO) will open on May 3rd. The film would have many car chases, gun fights, combat and explosive stunts. To make everything perfect, Ka Fai did everything himself. He joked that he was the most afraid of listening everyone say, "That doesn't work!" He admitted, "The more impossible it is the more I want it, I am a jerk like this. This time has many gun fights and action scenes, the production is rather complicated. I even have to trigger the reaction bullets myself. Pressing shots on me is pretty intense, because I am afraid that I wouldn't perform well."

Ka Fai revealed that a car chase scene had a road block so the team could thoroughly race, flip and lose a tail. He pointed out that this scene used many vehicles. Everyday after a shoot repair and parts replacement were done. If repair failed then a new car would take its place. He spared no expense for the highest quality car chase.

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