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The Hong Kong Film Award Association yesterday announced this year's Lifetime Achievement Award winner to be famous director Chor Yuen. The event will present the highest honor to Director Chor Yuen on April 15 at the award presentation for his contribution to the Chinese film industry.

Currently 83 years old, Chor Yuen joined the business in 1955. In 1958 at age 24 he made his solo directing debut with GRASS BY THE LAKE. In 1960 he already made the critical and commercial success, the social family tragedy THE GREAT DEVOTION. In the early 70s his Cantonese film THE HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS made over HK$ 5.6 million and broke Golden Harvest's film box office records that Bruce Lee films monopolized for years. At the same time, THE HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS revived the once vanished Cantonese film production. Director Chor Yuen's highest achievement in Cantonese film undoubtedly was his beloved romantic drama, the Ida novel based BE MY LOVE (1968) left the studio and shot mostly on location. The cinematography had layers and the atmosphere cold, rich in European film flavor. Director Chor Yuen even began the Gu Long wuxia novel adaptation fever, from 1976's KILLER CLANS (LAU SING WU DIP GIM) to THE MAGIC BLADE (TIN NGAI MING YUET DOH, 1976), CLANS OF INTRIGUE (CHOR LAU HEUNG, 1977), JADE TIGER (BAK YUK LO FU, 1977), DEATH DUEL (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM, 1977), THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN (DOR CHING GIM HAK MO CHING GIM, 1977) and others. In the 80s, Director Chor Yuen's creativity remained strong. Today's superstars Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow Sing Chi have worked with Director Chor Yuen respectively on THE DIARY OF A BIG MAN (DAI JEUNG FU YUT GEI, 1988) and SLEAZY DIZZY (SIU CHAU AH SING, 1990).

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