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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei two nights ago on the Lantern Festival attended his film CONCERTO OF THE BULLY (DAI LOK SI WAI OI PUI LOK)'s audience appreciation. He interacted with the audience as he invited two female viewers to sing the film theme song with him. He also fed female viewers tangyuen per the Lantern Festival tradition. Later when Cheng Chung Kei posed for a group photo with the audience, everyone cheered for him to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. He said that he had to thank the viewers while he had the time, because next week he will head to Thailand to work on the film IN TURMOIL (GAU SHOOK) for a month. The film was already half shot and waited for over a year before resuming he production. Because he had to play a shipyard worker in the second half of the movie, he needed time to gain 20 pounds to look the part. "However a friend said that the workers he saw at the shipyard weren't too big. They even sat there and cracked peanuts, so I would carry a bag of peanuts."

Cheng Chung Kei went to the hospital before the movie because his three year old was injured while playing with their puppy and had to be rushed to the emergency room. He said, "At the time I wasn't home, my wife had to take our daughter to the tutor. When I heard about the accident, my wife already was rushing back to check up on our son. Our maid called me to say that my son was playing the puppy. It didn't bite him because it was mad, my son just had too much fun with it and was scratched near the corner of his right eye. When I got home I immediately treated my son's wound then rushed him to the hospital. Now he is already fine, but he will have to see the doctor again on Sunday." Cheng Chung Kei said that his son was fine, only had his right eye bandaged. When he got home he even told the puppy, "I am not hurt, we can keep playing!" However his wife of course wanted to play it safe and would keep the puppy from their son for awhile.

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