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Amber Kuo jokes that Eva Lai's "Hay Bo" brainwashed her and she has to wipe her mind for her own performance
Eva Lai feels fortunate to be able to be in the remake of a movie that she made 30 years ago

Amber Kuo embraces Eva Lai for a mother daughter heart to heart talk
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The Yi Shu novel film adaptation THE STORY OF HAY BO starred Eva Lai Yin Shan 30 years ago. This year the film was remade with Taiwan star Amber Kuo. This time directing and writing is the Mainland director Wang Danyang, who worked hard to bring together the wo generations of Hei Bo. However because Lai Yin Shan was working on the series WONDER WOMEN, she did no have much time to participate. However Sister Shan would like to make a movie that connected the two generations. Thus she guest starred as Hei Bo's mother.

When two generations of Hei Bo Lai Yin Shan and Amber Kuo met, they had a very wonderful sense of familiarity like they have already known each other for a long time. Sister Shan said that she never expected to play Hei Bo 30 years ago and now she was playing Bo Ma. Luckily her appearance did not change much. When director Wang Danyang invited her, because of work she could not make time on her schedule. However she felt that few actors would have the chance to be in the same movie again 30 years later, it truly felt rare.

Amber Kuo said, "Sister Shan you haven't changed, you are just as beautiful. When she made THE STORY OF HAY BO I was only 2. Now I am playing the same character as her, I am really very happy!" Amber praised Sister Shan as a "very lovely lady." Thus although they did not meet until their first scene, they already had a very familiar and intimate feeling. Originally the mother and the daughter interacted bedside, but they naturally took the initiative to "add scenes". In bed she intimately hug Hei Bo Ma like real mother and daughter.

Amber Kuo said that when she decided to take the role she immediately asked for Sister Shan's version. The film was already shot very beautifully and very outstandingly. Because of the deep impression she immediately worked hard to let go of Sister Shan's Hei Bo and interpret the role her own way.

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