Tuesday, September 4, 2018


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Jennifer Yu Heung Yi yesterday promoted her new song and movie theme song SUNNY on Commercial Radio. She revealed that she chose to release the song on school opening day to encourage students. She felt that everyone can have distinction. She claimed that she was very plain back then and took a "memorization" approach to studying. She said, "I would get a score of 18, but my A-Level scores were very poor. I couldn't get into the university, but Heaven would arrange for a path for you."

Speaking of her new film, Jennifer stated that in real life she did not have any puppy love in school uniform and felt a little regret; this time she even made a sacrifice for art as she appeared without make up. She even ate alot to create the baby fat look. She did not mind playing ugly because it was very challenging. When no one could recognize her she succeeded.

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