Sunday, September 23, 2018


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Athena Chu Yan and Louis Cheung Kai Chung yesterday attended the new film THE LINGERING (GOO JAT)'s premiere in Shenzhen. Cheung Kai Chung said that at first he was very happy to work with Chu Yan for the first time, but when he found out that he and Chu Yan would play mother and son he immediately knew it was a horror film. However if they played a couple it would actually be even scarier. Chu Yan also said that when she heard Cheung Kai Chung would play her son, she could not believe it. Luckily with special effect make up she was not worried. In the film the mother and son relationship gave them inspiration for their own relationships with their children, and would cherish those around them. As for the secret of marriage, Cheung Kai Chung revealed that his wife Kay Tse On Kay gave him some advice. "Marriage is different from dating, it won't be as romantic as it was before. We have to take care of the children together, handle a lot of things in life. However the relationship is a state of mind issue; my wife taught me to think back to the first time I saw her, then going to dinner and the movies with her. I tried to go on dates with her with the emotions of the first time I saw her, maintain that state of mind and keep the relationship young".

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