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The Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung starred new film HOTEL SOUL GOOD (NUI WONG CHONG DOH JING) will open next month. Chau Sau Na played a strong businesswoman who runs into spiritual medium Cheung Kai Chung and becomes a happy rival. Chau Sau Na in the film is a hotel executive, a loner who is out of touch with the real world. She even has the gall to yell at her superior Michelle Loo (Lo Mik Suet) and order her around. Earlier they shot an office scene, Michelle was pale from being overworked, collapsed on the copier and thus created many scary effects. Chau Sau Na was scared half to death. For this scene, Michelle deliberately put on white make up to create a scary effect. however everyone thought she was more funny than scary. Chau Sau Na even praised how cute she looked and dragged Michelle to take a photo together.

Chau Sau Na for her role had to constantly yell at people loudly in the beginning, even with her superior Lo Mik Suet. She said, "In the film I am always yelling at people. I am a hotel executive. Although Michelle is my superior and the hotel heiress, she is useless. When she can't meet my standards, I would still yell at her. During the shoot my mood is terrible, I constantly have to be very upset. I have to stoke up a fire to yell at people. However with Michelle's white faced goddess it is very hard to yell, sometimes I would crack up in the middle of yelling." Michelle revealed that when she worked at the newspaper late at night she ran into a "supernatural" event. "When we were editing and waiting for the draft, we would often wait until the middle of the night. Many co-workers already went home, so at night the company wouldn't turn all the lights on. Once after looking at the draft in the art department I went back to my seat. When I passed other co-workers' seats suddenly a Sadako like object crawled out from under the table. I screamed right away, later I realized that she was human and not a ghost. She was rushing a draft at the company, but she wanted to hide under the desk for a nap before writing more. When she crawled out after waking up, I just happened to see her. She almost scared me to death!" Michelle often worked with pretty girls, this time she worked with Chau Sau Na. Would she feel any pressure? She said that Chau Sau Na should be the one who felt the pressure. Because she was a typical beauty, everyone would be more demanding of her. Instead they would be more lenient with an alternative beauty without a bad side like her. Thus when traditional beauty meets alternative beauty, the pressure would definitely be on the traditional beauty.

Michelle in the film stole Chau Sau Na's boyfriend Terry Zou with tenderness. Michelle said that in real life she was no subservient girlfriend. She was independent, but she was actually very easy going once someone knew where her bottom line was. Chau Sau Na said that when her career just started she neglected her boyfriend. Now she would choose a boyfriend from different work environment. She said, "In the future when I date I won't find a boyfriend at work. When everyone work in the same environment, we may have conflict and argument. The relationship may be affected."

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