Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Jo Koo, Fish Liew
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Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Fish Liew Chi Yu two nights ago attended their new film DISTINCTION (FEI TUNG FAN HEUNG)'s charity premiere. Yu Heung Yi in the film played a student without any make up. She said that friends did not recognize her until after a few scenes. "My skin is great, I just seem to have no brows but I can accept that. At first I suggested to the director to perform without make up because students don't use make up. As an actor resemblance to the character is the most important, so when I heard people say that they couldn't recognize me I was pretty happy." Yu Heung Yi said that her appearance in the film probably would not be the type that secondary school guys would like. She was a very studious girl, with glasses slid down the nose, hunchback and double chin. "When you feel I am pretty in the film, then you probably really like me. However Yu Heung Yi's natural look is OK."

Liew Chi Yu played a special education student. During the audition the director thought that it would be best for her not to promote so no one would expect Liew Chi Yu in the film. She even attended special education classes, studying their essence and gesture. When she put on the school uniform even parents thought she was a new student. She felt that was a praise. She also chatted and played with other students and everyone were very friendly.

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