Monday, October 1, 2018


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Chan Wai Man with friends formed Starlight Entertainment, which earlier held an opening ceremony event and invited many industry friends like Ruco Chan Jin Pang, Patrick Tse Yin, Louisa Lee Sze Kei, Wu Fung, Ban Ban, Susanna Lui Shan, Wai Ka Hung, Chin Siu Ho and Ng Chi Hung.

Chan Wai Man hoped that the company would be able to create many excellent films, discover and cultivate even more film talent and provide quality films for Hong Kong, the Mainland and even the world. In the not too distant future, Starlight Entertainment will even organize film festivals and outdoor film screenings.

Chan Wai Man continued, "The opening ceremony party was honored to have Cambodian official representative on hand to show their support, Starlight Entertainment already has the Cambodian government's recognition. I hope in the future that Starlight Entertainment will become an important part of the 'One Belt, One Road' film culture export, enabling China and Cambodia cultural exchange and cooperation and becoming the cultural bridge between three lands on two sides of the Strait."

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