Sunday, October 21, 2018


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Alfred Hui, Eric Tsang
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai yesterday attended an organ donation event yesterday. He said that he just returned from scouting location in Shanghai for a film that he would produce and heard that the Mainland had many productions that was in an observation stage because the Mainland released many new policies. However he felt that the bosses' confidence would not be affected. "The Mainland market is large. Even PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) made 1 billion. It's OK, as long as you know how the new policies would go. The most important is passing the grade and not making a misstep." Would many restriction on productions become pressure on creativity? He said, "When you need the Mainland market you have to be this way. If you want to be a little freer, you can make Hong Kong film." Reportedly the Mainland new policies halted many productions. Chi Wai said, "Take a look at Hengdian and you would know, normally 50 or 60 movies are being made, now only 8 to 10 are." As for whether that was due to productions waiting for inspection, Chi Wai said that mainly they had to handle tax problems.

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