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Athena Chu Yan after finishing the film WHISPERS AND MOANS has been away from the Hong Kong silver screen for 11 years. This time she chose to make Hong Kong horror film THE LINGERING (GOO JAT), Chu Yan said that she was a horror film fan and also liked this subject through horror bringing out a mother and son relationship.

Chu Yan in the film spent the most time with the 6 year old child acor who played her son Louis Cheung Kai Chung in his childhood. This was not her first Mommy role. As a mother Chu Yan felt even deeper about her character. "I felt a lot of heartache. If in the future when my daughter would be grown and say something hurtful, I am afraid that I couldn't help but cry. Sometimes raising children really would upset yourself. Seeing your daughter one day would take off, as Ma I have to learn to let go. The couple's relationship has to be good. Walking with you to the end is the companion next to you, I have to hug my daughter more and tell her I love. My husband (Paul Wong Koon Chung) now is learning from me as well, holding our daughter and saying I love you. I teach him not to leave love in his heart, he has to act on it!"

Chu Yan said that she too upset his over 70 year old Mommy. Later Mommy hid in her room. "I ignored everything and apologized first, I say sorry many times to Ah Ma, hug and kissed her!" Cheung Kai Chung joked, "Then when I ge home I have to hug and kiss my old man, but at least I hug and kiss my children. I still expect retribution, before having children I didn't understood how bad I was to my parents. Now I have learned to control my temper, but my parents now only love their two grandchildren. My son is already 11 and wouldn't pay me too mcuh mind. I am like on a death row, neither side care too much about me." Chu Yan also revealed that her husband normally would be very manly, but with their daughter he would melt. She felt that men truly were no match for their daughters, as daughters would always be daddy's little sweethearts.

Cheung Kai Chung worked with elder Chu Yan for the first time. They both graduated for the Performing Art Academy and felt very magical. "I have seen a lot of her work, but I haven't seen her in person. I was more ashamed that time has left a lot of marks on my face, so I worried that I wouldn't be convincing to the audience as Chu Yan's son." This time they only had one or two scenes together. Cheung Kai Chung praised, "Ah Yan performed too well. At the time I didn't dare to look at her because as soon as I did my tears couldn't help but fall. So just from observing Ah Yan's body language I already got into character very easily." Cheung Kai Chung said that this time was a horror film but the most terrifying was the mother and son relationship in the film, because most of the time the son did everything bad to his mother and neglected her. In the end when he wanted to make up for it he realized it was too late, so the horror scenes were no match for the feeling of being a son.

Cheung Kai Chung also pointed out that the director through the story brought of the message of timely love. He admitted that generally Chinese were more reserved and he was very traditional as well. Telling parents I love you belonged into restricted area for men. Normally when he talked with friends he would not talk about his own mother. After the movie would he plan to kiss Mommy? Cheung Kai Chung said, "Too bad I don't have the guts, but after making the movie I started to learn to cherish. I live with my parents and would fight for more time to see them!"

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