Friday, October 19, 2018


Jet Li almost lost his life while working on FEARLESS
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Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) earlier appeared on a Mainland talk show and revealed the fear of facing death for the first time while shooting the film FEARLESS in 2005.

Lee Nin Kit revealed that at the time he almost died on a mountain. At the time he fell from a platform 12 feet above to the grass. He had no bone injury and at the time he felt fine. On the snowy mountain he was fine for the first day or two, but by the fourth day he realized that he lost control of bodily functions and his breathing became weaker. The crew rushed to bring a big oxygen box, but once it arrived they could not open it. The team rushed down the mountain and took three hours. In the latter part he was carried down. He still could remember the feeling now very clearly. At the time he even thought, "Now if you offer me an oxygen pillow for HK$ 1 million, I would buy it right away! Yet at this moment, what is money? Even if I have 1 million I wouldn't be able to get it."

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