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Mainland artist Wang Baoqiang's comedy films in recent years have been big hits as he became a box office guarantee long ago. Mainland media claimed that he has taken the baton from Stephen Chow Sing Chi as the new generation King of Comedy. Yet the two "Comedy Gods" finally had the chance to work together, as they earlier secretly "teamed up" for the sequel to the classic KING OF COMEDY 2 (HEI KET JI WONG 2) for the Lunar New Year slot next year!

With over 25 films under his belt, Wang Baoqiang's total box office exceeded 10 billion yuan. This year's two releases DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 2 and THE ISLAND made 4.8 billion yuan RMB. This Spring Festival DETECTIVE 2 even broke the historical record for comedy film.

This year Chow Sing Chi has been working on the film MERMAID 2 (MEI YUN YU 2). Originally slated for a Lunar New Year 2019 release, the film required a lot of special effects that needed time in post production. Thus it would not be able to make the date. However he has not given up on this golden slot as he immediately began production on KING OF COMEDY 2. Because he had to produce this Lunar New Year film in three months "instant style", the team must be "fast, pretty, great". Chow Sing Chi immediately thought of Wang Baoqiang. Wang Baoqiang has long been rumored to be interested in working with Chow Sing Chi. With his Shaolin Temple kung fu past he even wanted to offer his services to KUNG FU HUSTLE 2 but was never confirmed. Now as the opportunity arose they of course clicked right away!

The film is in production now in the Mainland, the female lead would be Mainland star Yao Chen. Of course, the favorite of many labels in recent years, "Sing Girl" Jelly Lin Yun will have a role. Earlier she revealed online that she was working on a film and posted several photos of her "cramming the script". Because Chow Sing Chi's always low key style, he has already ordered the team to keep their mouth sealed. Thus Lin Yun also blocked out the script.

Due to the tight schedule, Chow Sing Chi this time would not serve in multiple capacity. The director would be Herman Yau Lai To. Originally Yau Lai To had another film on hand, but it coincidentally delayed its production. Thus he was able to shoot KING 2 at the last minute. When asked about KING 2, Chow Sing Chi's company had "no comment".

KING actors Johnson Lee and Jazz Lam Chi Sin admitted that they looked forward to it. Johnson Lee said, "As a loyal Chow Sing Chi fan of many years, a movie from him every few years truly isn't enough. Now he is making KING OF COMEDY 2. Whether I am in it or not I have to save up money for the tickets!" Lam Chi Sin was asked if he would like to be in the sequel. He said, "Actors are passive. Whether I am in it or not it is unimportant. The most important is whether Mr. Chow would perform. I super look forward to it!"

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