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Grace Wong

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Chrissie Chau still wears heels despite her bunion
Lynn Xiong says her twin girls' baby talk is very cute
Andy Hui will perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum after 4 years
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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Andy Hu Chi On, Grace Chan Hoi Lam and others two nights ago attended an award ceremony. Chau Sau Na was limping. She said, "Earlier I made an action film and even had to run in high heels. I have high arch feet. The doctor said that I am not suitable for wearing heels all the time, but I am vain and work requires it I ended up with foot pain and bunion. So I am not at work I would take off the shoes to rest. Lately for film audience appreciation events I would wear sneakers. The doctor suggests for me to add shoe padding. I know now in heels I don't walk pretty, I look like a penguin."

Sister Na revealed that after finishing her film promotion she would have time off. Then she could treat her foot pain and go on vacation. She said, "I welcome dates at any time, but so far I haven't run into anyone suitable. Very few people are like (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung, who can fight one against ten. At the audience appreciation event he is also the host and security, he is big and funny. (Do you like this type of men?) He's pretty good, he can chat with you and know how to cheer you up, when you are in danger he can protect you. (Kay) Tse On Kay is very lucky. I don't understand why my co-stars' other halves are all very at ease with me. I have to take a look at myself."

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