Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Koyi Mak and Hedwig Tam
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courtesy of singtao.com
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The film HOTEL SOUL GOOD (NUI WONG JONG DOH JING) will open tomorrow. Two nights ago the film held its premiere. Executive producer and producer Yvonne Zhang Fusheng, director Yan Pak Wing, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Richard Ng Yiu Hon, Mimi Kung Chi Yan, Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Terry Zou, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Koyi Mak Chi Yi attended.

At the event producer Zhang Fusheng, director Yan Pak Wing, Chau Sau Na and Cheung Kai Chung talked about their production experience. Director Yan Pak Wing even presented a HK$ 2 million crown to Chau Sau Na to unveil the film premiere. Sister Na stated that she felt excited like she won Miss Hong Kong. Ah Chung joked that he though Sister Na wanted to buy he crown. Sister Na said, "Are you giving it to me?" Ah Chung said, "Great! Let's see if I get any discount?" Ah Chung said that he contributed a lo to this film and admitted that he has not looked forward to a film like this for a very long time. Sister Na pointed out that when they worked together before their characters just brushed by each other. Although this time they had scenes together, in the film she still ignored Ah Chung. Ah Chung said, "It's already an improvement. I used to stand in the back, this time I stand next to her." They revealed that they would often call the director in the middle of the night to discuss the film. Did Sister Na call Ah Chung in the middle of the night? She said, "I sent texts." Ah Chung said that Sister Na was very brazen with her action.

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