Sunday, October 28, 2018


Gordon Lam, Tin Kai Man and Joe Cheung
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Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild vice president Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Hong Kong Federation of Film Workers president Tin Kai Man and director Joe Cheung Tung Cho two nights ago attended the classic disaster fund raising film THE BANQUET (HO MOON YEH YIN)'s restored version performance to celebrate the world audio visual heritage day.

Ka Tung said that when the film was released he attended as a viewer. Everyone in the film was a superstar, however he of course did not want the chance to make this type of film again because it was made to raise fund after a disaster. Aside from acting, he recently has been busy with creating a film script about two cops. It has been in preparation for two years and he has already found investors. He revealed that it will be shot in Hong Kong and he was in contact with the actors he wanted. "I originally wouldn't act. Because I would have to produce, acting as well would easily have blind spots. However the investors want me to perform."

He admitted that he also was responsible for the Performing Artist Guild's duties and had interest in investing in plays in hopes of cultivating new directors and actors. He said, "Take a look at my dark eye circles, last night I was still watching videos at home!"

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