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Neo Yau Hawk Sau and Larine Tang
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Grace Chan Hoi Lam, Larine Tang Yueping attended their new film KEYBOARD WARRIORS (HEI DAI JO)'s premiere two nights ago. Playing sisters, Stephy and Grace said that they constantly had to argue in the film. In one scene Grace even yelled at Stephy with foul language to add to the explosive atmosphere. Claiming to have never used foul language, Grace said that before the shoot she kept thinking about how to use the foul language in grammar. If she did not use it well people would make fun of her. Thus she considered it as a breakthrough performance. Stephy said that she did not know about the added foul language before, because the director wanted her to have the feeling of surprise and open her eyes on Grace. "At the time I thought Grace unknowingly used foul language, later I learned that she and the director had it planned all along. She used it pretty authentically."

In her first film Grace admitted that she was not used to it at first. She was nervous when faced with an all new team and worried that her performance would not be good enough. Did she ask Stephy for any acting advice? Stephy said, "She doesn't need any, during her performance she didn't seem like a newcomer to film at all. I didn't sense her nerves. Everyone had a lot of fun." Did Grace ask her husband Kevin Cheng Ka Wing for advice when she learned about the foul language line? She said, "I didn't dare, I only told him after it was shot. He praised me for being very smart, after using foul language I seemed to be grown up." Grace said that Ka Wing was not in Hong Kong and was unable to go to the movie right away. Her family would show their support. She did not dare to sit too close to her father though because Papa has never heard her foul language use. After hearing it he definitely would give her the stare. Stephy sweetly said that she did not invite her boyfriend Prince Chiu as she worried that his appearance would steal the spotlight.

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