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"Malaysian Goddess" Lin Minchen took part in the film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM), which would open this Lunar New Year. Earlier Minchen mentioned that due to the novel coronavirus, last Lunar New Year she was unable to return home to Malaysia. When she was alone in Taiwan, she was so homesick that she broke down.

Busy with promoting the film in Hong Kong lately, Minchen in the film played an internet star who came from Taiwan to Hong Kong for work. Her character was like the real her, since her personal social media platform had over 1 million fans. Minchen also felt that her onscreen role was similar to her. "My character has a YouTube channel, every week she would sing a Cantonese song and teach fans yoga. She is a very hard working internet star."

Minchen admitted that this time she had to speak Cantonese in a lot of movies, which to her was very difficult. She said, "Because sometimes the pronunciation sounds like foul language, but if I use Putonghua I wouldn't be able to express that meaning. The hardest to say is 'Mui Choi Kau Yuk' (pork with pickled cabbage). During the shoot I had to memorize it. However after the shoot my Cantonese improved. (Did your co-stars play pranks on you?) Everyone is mature and wouldn't do anything like this." When asked whether she met any boyfriend while in Hong Kong, Minchen said that she did not have the time because after the movie she still had other advertising jobs.

Due to the pandemic, Minchen left Malaysia for over a year. She helplessly said, "Since I left Malaysia in September 2020, I went to work in Hong Kong and Taiwan until now. During the period I could only rely on video chat to see my family. Last Lunar New Year the pandemic in Malaysia made returning there heard. I spent the Lunar New Year for the first time in Taiwan." Being alone abroad on a major holiday triggered her homesickness. She even broke down. "At the time all my Taiwan friends went home for the holiday. I could only spend it alone. In order to add to the holiday spirit, I posted the Lunar New Year banner on my door, but because I missed home so much I broke down right way. I called home to complain and prepared hot pot for one to have with my family over the air." Minchen also said that she never thought that it would be so hard to see her family. Now she would cherish her time with her family even more.

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