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Albert Yeung leads the cast and the crew in a prayer for new film success
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Carlos Chan changes his image and becomes more masculine, which even Catherine Chau can sense.

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Eric Tsang

Carlos Chan plays a man with a traumatic past and Catherine Chau a single parent

Known as "young Shek Sau", Alex Fong is happy to work with Shek Sau again
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The Benny Lai Wai Hung directed, Eric Tsang Chi Wai produced Emperor Motion Picture WE ARE FAMILY (CHOOK JO GA YUN) yesterday held a worship ceremony. Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing along with actors Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Tian Niu, Yeung Chin Yau, Shek Sau, Angela Hui Ching Wan, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Eugina Lau Mei Guen, Elly and Leung Oi prayed for the film would be a critical and commercial hit.

Director Benny said that WE ARE FAMILY would mainly be about  family. "In recent years many young people have had less than great relationships with their families, so I came up with this story. Its theme is that everyone want a happy family, but due to a variety of factors they don't get what they want. As the story develops, the characters would be able to help and support each other and be close like a family."

Tsang Chi Wa would star in the film. Benny felt that Brother Chi Wai was well recognized as an outstanding actor who at the same time would be able to precisely grasp the emotional spots. He had to play the led. He even talked him into producing as well with his sincerity. He said, "For my first comedy, I hope Brother Chi Wai would produce as well and provide valuable suggestions on the set. As expected he would improvise and add more dialogue. He even selflessly contributed his most unique abilities on expression, position and other aspects. I really am very grateful to him!"

Chan Ka Lok would play a man with childhood trauma and would have a breakthrough appearance wise, as he would not only have messy hair but also facial hair. He said, "The director wants this character to feel dirty and sloppy, so we design this new image. The facial hair is real, but the hair because I cut it short earlier needs some extensions. Sometimes they would be so stuffy that the top of my head would keep sweating, so inevitably it takes some getting used to. However since the role and the plot call for it, it is worth giving a little." As for working with Chi Wai, he said that he benefit alot. "Brother Chi Wai would notice a lot of minor spots and share with us immediately, so the shoot would be even smoother."

Tian Niu since the Lunar New Year film A LIFTIME TREASURE 3 years ago returned to Hong Kong film again. She felt like she traveled through time. She explained. "Last time the co-stars were mostly elders. We were very familiar with each other and were very intimate. However WE ARE FAMILY is drastically different. Most actors and crew members are young people, which make me feel like when I just came to make movies in Hong Kong. Of course my age has already reached a certain number, but my state of mind is getting younger and younger as if time is going backward!" She also had nothing but praise for her first time co-stars Chan Ka Lok and Chau Ka Yi. "They both are very hard working. For example with some scenes together Ka Lok and Ka Yi would rehearse on the set two days before. Comedy is very hard, but they are able to pick it up fast. They perform very naturally and absolutely aren't just on the surface. They really have something inside!"

Tian Niu also said that now working in Hong Kong and the Mainland, she would need to be in quarantine. So in the same period she could only choose one place. In order to make WE ARE FAMILY, she has been delayed her jobs in the Mainland. "Because this story is very attractive; secondly it's Tsang Chi Wai, and thirdly my character. Chi Wai is the husband I have worked with the longest and the most. According to him, originally this role wasn't so big. When the team and the manager negotiated they immediately changed the script for me. I am very grateful to everyone!"

Shek Sau and Fong Lik Sun would again play father and son. Brother Sau revealed that they probably would be their third time. Because so many people have said that they look alike, he has been paying attention to Siu Fong's appearance and agreed that from certain angles they resembled each other. Their noses and mouths are somewhat alike. Siu Fong's character is made to look exactly like Brother Sau this time.

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