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Although the cinema return date is still up in the air, everyone is still promoting
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Gigi Leung Wing Kei began promoting their Lunar New Year film CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT). Kwan Yu was also the producer of the film. "This story is based on a true story, very relatable to the people of Hong Kong. The entire world is working from home, and in a cage match with the family." When did she ask Gigi to perform? She said, "I am one of her fans, she has made a lot of outrageous comedy. Now she is a mother, and her character in the film is also a mother. She still has a lot of natural beauty."

Gigi pointed out that when Kwan Yu sked her she did not give a reason. "Usually the actor would get a script, and the actor would see if the character would be viable. Kwan Yu said that this time you would have to play a mother and her son is in his 20s. Because Kwan Yu herself is an actor, I know that she did so to give me an out. I am very grateful to her for respecting how actors feel about this."

Kwan Yu joked, "I asked you to meet me so you couldn't leave. The script was photocopied, still had a lot of authentic juices. I used my eyes to move Gigi and asked her not to bring her manager. Usually the manager would give opinions. Just you reading it would be fine."

Gigi continued, "Why did I respond so fast? Because everyone thought that Lunar New Year movies have to be happy. The obstacle for me is minor, so I decided to take the role that night."

Kwan Yu said, "We ended the meeting at 4PM and by 10PM she already replied to me. Who would read a script so fast? For big stars like me I would take a month." Ronald Cheng Chung Kei joked, "You read slow, you are near sighted." Kwan Yu joked that she had Alzheimer's. Ronald revealed that playing a feuding couple with Gigi, he used his parents for the blue print. Gigi said, "My words for him are very sharp, I rarely play this type so it is very challenging."

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