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Petrina Fung is happy that Patrick Tse won Best Actor and touched that he remembers her
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The Hong Kong Film Critic Society last Monday (the 17th) announced the 28th Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards. TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR MEI LOI) star Patrick Tse Yin won Best Actor. After hearing the good news in Penang, Petrina Fung Bo Bo was even more excited than Sei Gor, "Of course I am happy that Sei Gor Daddy won! (Sei Gor specifically named you to thank) Oh! I feel a little embarrassed, he is my elder. I am a little touched that he would remember me. Actually if not for Sei Gor Daddy, no one would ask me to be the lead actress again!"

"In my heart, only Tse Yin has been making to maintain the top heartthrob shape across centuries. He has been able to stay in such good shape, completely because of his determination and endurance. Working out is a part of his daily routine. He once said to me, 'When those on screen appear, they have to have a presence, stay in shape and look sharp. It is respect that may be paid back to the audience.' This is professional ethics that would require self discipline. This time (Gordon) Lam Ka Tung created this opportunity, asking me to tag along with Sei Gor Daddy on this run. I feel very honored, especially when I see him win his first Best Actor award."

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