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Stephy Tang says that like her character she would often blow her fuse too, but she just talks to herself.
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Stephy Tang says that her character is very bold, much like her in real life

Director Sunny Chan is very happy to be able to land six actors of substance for TABLE FOR SIX

Stephy Tang is stuck between Louis Cheung (left) and Dayo Wong (right) in TABLE FOR SIX
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Stephy Tang Lai Yan in the film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) played a fuse blowing and casual intellectual youth, which she joked that like the real her. She was able to show her inside and act very madly and openly. 

The Sunny Chan Wing Sun directed new film TABLE for six starred Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Tang Lai Yan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Lin Minchen, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, and Peter Chan Charm Man. Chan Wing Sun said tht all six were actors of substance he liked. Stephy and Tze Wa was a very fresh team. He pointed out that Stephy grasped the blown fuse intellectual youth very well. Stephy said that in the past she mostly worked on serious or sad roles. This production was very happy, as she was able to perform very madly and very openly.

Stephy said that the character was like her, as she too had a fuse blowing side. Only she would not show it in front of people, but this time she was able to show this side. She said, "I am someone who values balance, if I don't get the balance then I would blow the fuse. However I wouldn't let people know because I don't want to affect others. (How would you blow the fuse?) In the film I would throw a tantrum, but I would hide myself for awhile and talk to myself. (Would you worry Mommy?) She is used to it." Aside from blowing the fuse, Stephy's character was also rather casual. She said that the role was rather bold, drank beer and ate pig large intestine. She said, "I feel the character is really like me. I am very casual, more tomboyish. I don't care about the trivial stuff, with family and friends I would be more casual, so playing this character is very comfortable. I am being myself."

Stephy and Tze Wa played a couple. Stephy happily said that she would never imagine about working with Tze Wa, from which she learned a lot. She said, "I learn about his professionalism and character study. Before the shoot he and I talked a lot, we would have different analyses of the characters." Stephy in the film fell between two brothers Tze Wa and Cheung Kai Chung. "It's first time a 'god' (Tze Wa) is courting me, the first time that two brothers pursuing me. The situation is very awkward. The brothers fight over me and I have to live with them. It is a little absurd."

Chan Wing Sun and Stephy said that Cheung Kai Chung was already funny to the bone, many on the set could not hold back their laughter. Chan Wing Sun said that Ah Chung has always held his own but this time he had many bad takes. He could only play mad to control the situation. Stephy said that at most they had 10 or 20 takes. They really could not hold back their laughter, but then everyone would not dare to laugh after as they wanted to get off work quickly. Chan Wing Sun said that with the veteran Tze Wa and the relatively new Chan Charm Man, at the six actor table read they would elevate each other.

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