Monday, January 3, 2022


Denise Ho (right) poses for photo with her family 

Denise Ho has a new white wrist "tattoo"
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The Police's National Security Department on December 29th arrested 7 people under the suspicion of conspiring to distribute seditious publication, among them was the online media "The Stand News" former director Denise Ho Wan Si. She was released on bail and held her members only outdoors campfire mini concert as scheduled on January 2nd; however the concert's social media broadcast ran into trouble and needed emergency rescue.

Ah Si yesterday responded on facebook. "Yesterday when the live stream began something weird appeared at the server, and had to be worked on for half a hour before returning to normal. I know many friends missed the beginning because of it and were in a panic in order to watch it. For friends who couldn't watch the whole show, I am very sorry. The re-play is being extremely rapidly handled. Tonight before midnight it will be uploaded anew. Everyone would then be able to infinitely loop it, thank you everyone for your tolerance and patience."

Some online with sharp eyes while watching the concert discovered a white "tattoo" on Ah Si's wrist. Ah Si on fb explained that she originally wore two rope bracelets from India and a crystal Buddhist braid bracelet. In the past few years they have never left her. She would wear them all the time, because without them she would feel a little naked and uneasy like she had less protection. However while in custody she had to cut off her hand rope. "For those two days, anyone who stayed overnight could not have any rope or similar objects on them. In the end of course I couldn't untie them, helplessly I could only cut them on the spot. Yet strangely, after going home I was in no hurry to put them back on again, like something protective that originally felt like they could not be without, already in the shrink down period suddenly went inside. Actually some tests unknowingly already gradually strengthen our inner wisdom. Wondrous."

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