Tuesday, January 25, 2022


A facebook page claims that Radio Hong Kong executives inform its DJs the ten singers on the ban list

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and Tats Lau's Tat Ming Pair is on the list

Denise Ho is on the rumored ban list

RubberBand says that the news is only an internet rumor.  They have no response and would only focus on their music
courtesy of mingpao.com

Radio Hong Kong in July last year was discovered to rarely play MIRROR's songs. Since then Radio Hong Kong denied boycotting MIRROR and said that the station has always supported all singers. However, yesterday a facebook page revealed that Radio Hong Kong executives have orally issued a ten singer ban lists to its DJs. The list included Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung.

Radio Hong Kong's communication and programming standard committee responded, "Radio Hong Kong has always supported domestic Chinese pop music development. Program hosts would from a professional angle choose songs that coordinate with the program to air."

A facebook page said that it received information that Radio Hong Kong executives gave an oral ban list of ten singers to its DJs. Aside from promoting nominated songs of its joint Hong Kong Gold Song Awards 2021/2022 in April with TVB, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung's songs have been banned.

An anonymous letter from a Radio Hong Kong DJ expressed feeling helpless after receiving the related "ban list". "It certainly would affect programming, because some top singers' songs are classic songs and have no political connection. They are suitable for program content, but now they cannot be played. Just from listening to a song, the same song can have different meanings."

Another Radio Hong Kong personnel said that the ban came from a certain Radio Hong Kong executive who was extremely powerful and a member of the "music planning committee". All songs in the Radio Hong Kong library would require his approval. Thus all songs that DJs would play would go through inspection. Program guest invitations would also require executive approval. Some of the guest lists have not been approved for over half a month, which upset many Radio Hong Kong DJs.

On the ban list, RubberBand said that the news was only an internet rumor so they had no response. They would continue to focus on their music. Their January 7th to 9th concerts with the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra have been postponed due to the pandemic, but they would still focus on preparing for the performance and look forward to everyone enjoying the show.

Pong Nan Yik Bong responded to the ban list on social media. "After not getting on the list I would have to evaluate myself." He also joked that he was waiting for the Golden Needle Award.

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