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Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen take their competition from the screen to the Hong Kong Film Awards

LIMBO's Cya Liu

Stephy Tang in recent years has acting breakthrough, would she win as the dark horse

ANITA returns with a director's cut, as Louise Wong brings back Anita Mui's classic commercial

Anson Lo's big screen debut has room for improvement

Suspended last year, the Hong Kong Film Awards this year would resume operation. However due to the 5th wave of the pandemic, for now the Hong Kong Film Awards would still head toward a physical award show. The first round of voting has already been completed. For Best Actor, RAGING FIRE (NO FOR)'s Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung as well as Francis Ng Chun Yu were the favorites; the Best Actress competition would be between Gong Li, Kara Wai Ying Hung and rising film star Cya Liu!

Two years ago the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards due to the pandemic canceled the physical award show for the first time and the results were announced online. In September of the same year the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards announced its postponement to this year, with a merger between 2020 and 2021 films that met the awards criteria. The event even wished that the pandemic would pass soon so they would have ample time to expand the 40th anniversary Hong Kong Film Award.

Unfortunately with the fifth wave of the pandemic this year's Hong Kong Film Awards remained up in the air. The Hong Kong Film Awards Association recently met to discuss strategy and brought up many suggestions as well as plans for the worst. However for now they leaned toward continuing. Some members suggested a postponement or taped format, but neither would be considered. The location venue and the date would be as scheduled, at the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center in April. However the final decision would be made depending on the pandemic.

The first round of voting has already begun and the deadline was two days ago. Voters of the Hong Kong Film Awards and the first round professional jury have already voted. Although the competition included two years of movies, due to the pandemic cinemas were closed many times and the film release number was few. Thus finding the favorites would not be difficult.

For Best Actor, the Emperor Motion Picture RAGING FIRE's villain Tse Ting Fung and cop Yen Chi Tan were favorites; as well as Francis Ng Chun Yu, who put a lot of thought into his explosive homeless person in DRIFTING, LIMBO's Gordon Lam Ka Tung and LADIES' MARKET's late artist Dick Liu Kai Chi.

As for Best Actress, countless Best Actress award winner Gong Li played former China's woman national volleyball team coach Lang Ping in LEAP, and earlier Emperor signee who was brutally beaten in LIMBO Cya Liu, the forensic psychiatrist in SHADOWS Stephy Tang Lai Yan and the 3 time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress winner and the SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE's blind mother Wai Ying Ying were all voters favorites.

In addition, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association board of directors' term originally ended at the end of last year and new directors should have elected. However due to last year's Hong Kong Film Award suspension, president Derek Yee Tung Sing, vice presidents John Chong Ching, Leung Lee Siu Ha and other directors would officially finish their term after this year's Hong Kong Film Awards. Chong Ching said that nothing could be revealed until the official announcement. If the awards would take place ViuTV would broadcast it live.

Although it was only first round of voting, for the Hong Kong Film Award Best New performer ANITA's lead Louise Wong Dan Nei was the favorite. Started as a model her facial feature resembled Mui Yim Fong's. The film company brought 3 instructors Chiu Chun Hei, Maverick Mak Chau Sing and the late artist Liu Kai chi to train her in singing, dancing and acting and help her bring "Mui Yim Fong" to life. Becoming a nominee absolutely would not be difficult.

Other eye catching new comers included playing the adult and the teenage version of the Paralympic Games athlete So Wa Wai's stage actor Leung Chung Hang and Fung Ho Yeung, and TIME's Chung Suet Ying. SHOWBIZ SPY's MIRROR "Cult Leader" Anson Lo were beyond popularity, but due to the strong competition he would have difficulty winning out.

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