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Despite the injury Patrick Tam still gives his all to his performance

When Patrick Tam lands he crashes onto  wooden box, he is in so much pain that he is half in shock

Patrick Tam in order to keep from hindering the production progress toughs out the pain and keeps working
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Artist Patrick Tam Yiu Man earlier was injured during a film shoot, fracturing 3 ribs. At the worst he would cry from the pain just from sneezing, but he still persisted until the production wrapped up. After that he finally was able to rest and recover.

The Tam Yiu Man starred film BREAKOUT BROTHERS 2 (TOH YUK HING DAI 2) was released in the Mainland for 9 days and already made over 10 million RMB, the team could not be more excited. Actually the film truly had "blood and sweat". Director Mak Ho Bong earlier on social media revealed that Ah Tam while shooting a stunt when he could pulled up and rapidly dropped, he lost balance and hit a wooden box. He fractured three ribs instantly but still professionally continued to work. Director Mak said, "Whether on or off screen, he is a big brother worthy of respect!"

Ah Tam said, "In the scene (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei and I were lifted to the top of car, then we were rapidly dropped to the ground. Due to the body weight and the high fall, each time the force and the landing spot were somewhat different. By the third take because I slipped I hit something, but I didn't want to affect the production progress. At the time we still had some scenes that needed to be done before sunrise, so I didn't tell anyone and kept working. (How did you feel after the crash?) At the time I was half in shock from the pain, so the reactions truly were realer than real, haha!"

The next day after resting, when Ah Tam got up he was surprised to notice something different with his body. He knew that he was in trouble and went to the hospital. "At the time I thought this time probably would be a big deal, after getting CT at the hospital, 3 ribs were confirmed to be fractured. However there was no drug I could take, the doctor said that I had to wait for them to slowly heal. During the period I had to avoid further impact. The worst was even sneezing would hurt so much that I would be in tears."

He described that at the time if he did not use anything for support, he would not be able to get out of bed. The pain did not gradually subside until after two weeks. "Although the doctor told me to rest, after the injury the film was waiting for me to wrap up the production. we still kept shooting for 10 more days, but no one wanted any accident to happen."

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