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Keung To would compete for Best Male Singer opposite elders like Eason Chan and Hacken Lee

Bands that are on Radio Hong Kong's rumored ban list like RubberBand and Dear Jane are on the ballot
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TVB and Radio Hong Kong's first co-organized Hong Kong Gold Song Awards 2021/2022 would take place on April 3rd at the KITEC. Some of the awards began accepting online votes starting at 2PM yesterday to 11:59PM on February 13th. They included the "Gold Song Award", "Chinese Song Award", "Male Singer Award", "Female Singer Award", "Band Award", "Male New Artist Award", "Female New Artist Award", "Best Series Song Award", "Best Duet", and "Global Chinese Ultimate Gold Song Award".

Earlier Radio Hong Kong executives were rumored to have orally issued a ban on ten singers to DJs. They included Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung.

On the Hong Kong Gold Song Awards online ballot, Hui Ting Hung, Tse On Kay, Serrini, C AllStars and its 4 members were competing for Male, Female Singer Award and Gold Song Award. In the past Radio Hong Kong's Top Ten Chinese Gold Song would merge Group and Band into the category and present gold, silver and bronze prizes. Now with TVB, only "Band Award" survived, and the banned RubberBand, Dear Jane were nominated as were their songs. Although the popular boy band MIRROR would not be competing for "Band Award", their group and members' solo songs were all competing for "Gold Song Award"; its 12 members, along with 4 members of ERROR would compete with elders Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Hins Cheung King Hin for "Male singer Award". Edan Lui Cheuk On, MC Cheung Tin Fu, Error's Fat Boy, 193, P1X3L members and Peter Tsang Bei Tat would compete for "Male New Artist Award"


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