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Raymond Lam puts all of his efforts into playing Cheung Mo Gei, but the film will open on a Mainland online platform

How can the KUNG FU CULT MASTER trailer be without Donnie Yen's Cheung Sam Fung?

Rebecca Zhu promotes KUNG FU CULT MASTER
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The Raymond Lam Fung, Louis Koo Tin Lok starred new film NEW KUNG FU CULT MASTER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI) from preparation to production has strictly prohibited news of the films from leaking out. Recently the film unveiled its mystery layer by layer, but a lot of the news have been rather surprising. Aside from the film turning from one into two, lately it even announced that in the Mainland it would only be released online as it would give up cinema circuit market. The 300 million yuan RMB big production could be seen for 5 bucks RMB! Despite all the efforts, the film in the end would be unable to appear on the Mainland big screens!

The film KUNG FU CULT MASTER earlier announced that it would be split into two films and target a Lunar New Year release. Earlier release dates were announced, the former on January 31st and the latter on February 3rd. Although the dates are really the Lunar New Year slot, they are not for the Mainland cinema circuit release; they are for online release!

The film from preparation to production took over 3 years and 300 million yuan RMB in investment. Aside from the leads, a lot of effort was put into other character choices; the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan guest starring as "Cheung Sam Fung", Alex Fong Chung Shun as "Yeung Siu", Raymond Wong Ho Yin as "Wai Yat Siu" and others, all are good actors. Lam Fung in order to play "Cheung Mo Gei" well gave his all, as he personally performed over 90% of the fight scenes. He was bruised all over but never complained. However now the film has decided to be released online and giving up the Mainland cinema market. The online platform would also welcome new members with further discounts, anyone can watch for as cheap 5 yuan RMB.

Even so, the actors all supported the film company's decision with action. Yen Chi Tan and Lam Fung both cheered on the new film on social media posts. Playing Cheung Mo Gei's mother Yan So So, Rebecca Zhu even called back the 1993 Jet Li (Lee Lin Kit) starred KUNG FU CULT MASTER and posted, "After waiting for 29 years are you ready?"

As for giving up the Mainland theatrical release for online broadcast, director Wong Jing did not feel any regret. He cited the Lunar New Year cinema promotion and distribution costs would reach 200 million yuan RMB. "I am not even talking about the top ones, just the intermediate film's marketing and distribution costs. We will now release the film on the Mainland's 4 major internet platforms, the audience range would be even wider. (Lam Fung risked his life for the fight scenes?) That's right! When he was in Hengdian he even had to see our on set doctor for acupuncture. That medical practitioner really is highly skilled, he even asked her parents to come to work as well! (When he found out about the online release, how did he react?) No problem."

Speaking of guest star Yen Chi Tan, the director pointed out that "Cheung Sam Fung" was very suitable for Chi Tan to play. He said, "His Mama is a Tai Chi master, so this character aside from Chi Tan or Lee Nin Kit, I couldn't think of anyone who may be suitable." Wong Jing pointed out that many artists have treated him very well. Aside from Chi Tan, Chow Yun Fat was another. Many viewers would like to see Chow Yun Fat perform again. He said, "He is very demanding in terms of screenplay. I am negotiating with him on a new film, an action film, a hero film subject. I hope it would happen this year."

In addition, NEW's two female leads, "Chow Chi Yeuk" Sabrina Qiu and "Siu Chiu" Yun Qianqian, have been criticized online for their "internet model appearance". Wong Jing on social media found two female stars he has worked with countless times, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching and Shu Qi, as examples and "convoy" for the two Mainland stars. He pointed out that when Yau Suk Ching started she was accused of having a "fake chin". When Shu Qi started she was called E.T. due to her dark tan. Later both strs became eye opening goddesses. He called people who were "condemning" on Sabrina Qiu and Yun Qianqian "trolls".

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