Sunday, January 23, 2022


Vincent Kok, Sandra Ng, Edan Lui
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The Vincent Kok Tak Chiu host ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW premiered two nights ago. Earlier when the program announced its air date the show already attracted online discussions, because its title was similar to the 2021 media person Cha Siu Yan host TVB program WEEKLY EXPOSE. That program ended after only 4 episodes because online condemnation of it for exposing nothing.

The first episode of THE POPCORN SHOW was obviously completely different from WEEKLY EXPOSE, with online praises all around. For the first episode Kok Tak Chu invited past partner Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and her Lunar New Year film co-star Edan Lui Cheuk On and director Coba Cheng Chun Hin as guests. Ng Kwan Yu talked about the reason Edan was used. "I watched the audition tapes, he really performed very naturally." At the time Edan just finished OSSAN'S LOVE and was very happy to learn tht he was lucky enough to have the chance to audition for a movie. He also said that he did not know it would be a Lunar New Year film or how strong the cast would be. Kok Tak Chiu said that he already watched it in advance and said that Edan performed very well. He even said that Edan would definitely receive a Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer nomination.

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