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Loletta Lee says that she has no confidence in winning a Hong Kong Film Award 

Loletta Lee's daughter is happy for her mother winning Best Actress 
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Former Golden Horse Award Best Actress Loletta Lee Lai Chun received good news at the end of the Year of the Ox, as she and Francis Ng Chun Yu won Best Actress and Best Actor respectively at the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival. Chun Mui was very happy about receiving the award. Her daughter Hui Yi Yung was also happy for her mother as she even grabbed her hands and praised her, which reminded Chun Mui of the warm interaction with her daughter when she was little.

Lee Lai Chun earlier at the 12th Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival with the film DRIFTING (JOOK SHUI PIU LAU) won Best Actress, and her co-star Ng Chun Yu also won Best Actor. Director Jun Li Chun Shek won Best Director.

Chun Mui was very excited about this award. "When I got the news of course I was happy. This film has brought me opportunities to participate in several international film festivals. To receive the recognition from the jury in Australia, and win with director Li Chun Shek and Chun Yu, I am really very happy!" However, the most touching was the praises from her daughter Hui Yi Yung. Chun Mui said, "She suddenly grabbed my hand and told me 'good girl', just like how I coaxed her when she was little! At that moment as a Mama I really got emotional."

Speaking of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, many online saw her and Ng Chun Yu as favorites for nominations. She said, "Nothing has been announced yet, maybe I won't even get a nomination! I don't have any confidence at all, maybe because I came up empty at several film festivals earlier. Instead I would pick Ng Chun Yu. This time he was able to achieve a balance inside and out, the character felt very solid. He no longer use 'acting' methods to show the audience, he wanted you to feel it. When I rehearsed with him I already felt that he scored 100 this time, so I would vote for him!"

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