Thursday, December 13, 2018


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Wong Cho Lam, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi two nights ago at the ATV Tai Po Studio worked on additional shoots and poster for their Lunar New Year I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE! (NEI MAI LEI, NGOR OI NEI!). Cho Lam said that the post production schedule will be very intense because they would have to promote during Christmas. He also said that two nights ago when he saw Sister Mo he actually wanted to order 100 or so boxes of cookies from her for her daughter's hundred day banquet present. Yet he received a boastful reply, saying that cookies were already sold out and she was no longer taking orders. Cho Lam said, "If Sister Mo can bring this luck to our box office it would be great, I hope we too can say sorry, no more tickets because it's already sold out!" Sister Mo said that she thought about everyone would like this cookie, but she never expected it to be so popular. Everyday it was already sold out by 3 PM, aside from being happier she was constantly worried that she would not have enough. She wanted everyone to be able to eat some.

Cho Lam posted his daughter's ultrasound photo. She looked just like him. Sister Mo looked at Cho Lam and said with a smile, "Like you? That's pretty special!" Cho Lam answered, "I saw the resemblance in the ultrasound and I already was very scared, she's mine and I don't get to run. The nose and the lips are exactly the same, big nose, thick lips and easy to raise, but everyday before she is born, I am praying for her not to resemble me. She has to look like Ma!" Sister Mo comforted him and said that now many girls are going to get lip injections, not to mention that girls change as they grow. She could resemble him and still be pretty, but of course she would be prettier if she would look more like his wife. With the due date fast approaching, Cho Lam said that instead he felt like the days were going very slowly. Normally he could hold it in all day, now he would get anxious as soon as he was at the door. His wife joked that she was worried her water may break from sneezing. Cho Lam revealed that he already had the due date booked, but he would not be in Hong Kong for several days in between. Thus he already has informed everyone, in case his wife suddenly went into labor early or late he would return to Hong Kong to personally cut his daughter's umbilical cord in the delivery room. Sister Mo also agreed that this valuable moment would be better with Papa present.

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