Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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Clifton Ko and Michael Hui
Joe Tay
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The film DEAREST ANITA...two nights ago held an advanced screening. Michael Hui Koon Man, Joe Tay (Cheng King Kei) and his wife showed their support. Director Clifton Ko Chi Sum said that the film earlier at the 14th Chinese American Film Festival in Los Angeles won the Best Director award, his first directing award.

Ko Chi Sum said that girlfriend Perry Chiu Woon was the costume director for the film. Later she will perform the musical MY FAIR LADY and next year she will prepare for a 100 some show tour of THE GOLDEN LOCK. Was he worried about her health? He said, "She is thinner but she is fine, she isn't sick. (Would you tell her to eat more?) I have, I am already pushing her fully. (She was said to have an eating disorder?) She is excessively thin, but it has nothing to do with being too busy or having too much stressed. She doesn't want to be fat. Because her GOLDEN LOCK character was an opium addict, she had to be thin for the character." Despite his heartache Ko Chi Sum would support his girlfriend's work and pursuit of her dreams. He would remind her to pay attention to her health. After finishing the GOLDEN run next year he would ask her to properly rest.

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