Friday, December 28, 2018


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Don Li Yat Long yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio program. He earlier wrote, directed and starred in the film SAR, which won the 2nd Chinese Korean International Film Festival new director award. Don humbly said, "I never thought about winning an award, I can only say that the Koreans like this type of subject. After the award I was excited for a week, then very quickly I returned to reality and continued to work."

After the award Don was approached to direct a novel adaptation by a Korean company. Don said, "I read 12 novels in a month and chose one of them. We are in the negotiation stages right now. (Did you get a raise?) Definitely not, it can be adjusted and would anyone approach me then? For now I haven't had any actual reward, but I am happy about the award. The price is secondary, the most important is being able to make a movie I like." Currently he was working on post production for a kung fu film he directed.

Earlier Don's female partner swindled HK$ 2.3 million from him. He revealed that the police was investigating. Everyday he has been waiting for good news. Did he have any financial problem? He said, "Luckily friends helped me and found jobs for me, earlier I was half retired, now my workload increased. I have no problem."

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