Monday, November 1, 2021


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Artist Teresa Mo Shun Kwan after working on a movie with MIRROR member Keung To recently worked on a new film with another member Edan Lui Jeuk On and played mother and son. Earlier they worked in Yuen Long and the shoot attracted several onlookers.

Around 4PM, 3 vehicles were already parked on the set with almost 20 workers getting ready. Edan changed his usual short hair look with a pony tail and a pair of glasses. Mo Shun Kwan was in a flannel shirt and jeans as well as light make up. During the shoot, Edan was in the driver's seat with a soup container in hand. As he worked with Mo Shun Kwan in the passenger seat he looked serious. After every take they would get out to watch the playback, then returned to the vehicle to shoot again. Edan put away his usually playful expression and entered the professionally serious mode. He seemed to be rather anxious about his performance, getting off the vehicle repeatedly to watch the replay without fail. The same shot finally took almost half a hour to complete. They then went to rest in separate vehicles.

After the crew got the lightning and the mark ready, they again returned to the vehicle. In another scene the "mother and son" conversed in the vehicle. Mo Shun Kwan after getting out nag "sonny". Edan looked annoyed, which upset "Mama" Mo Shun Kwan and she left. After several takes, the shoot was finally completed. After 6PM Edan after waving to the crew to bid farewell left.

Aside from the film, Edan also has to work on the new ViuTV series i.SWIM at the same time. Because the film was a government funded first feature film, in order to save on resources the production to be completed as soon as possible. Thus Edan had to work on both and everyday only had 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

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