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As Aaron Kwok shouts in the excitement, his buckteeth are finally revealed
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Aaron Kwok sits in the school bus driver's seat and later pulls a gun
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Heavenly King Aaron Kwok Fu Sing just finished the film THE WHITE STORM 3 (SO DUK 3 TIN DAI DEI DAI). Earlier Sing Sing hinted that he would have to prepare for another new film. After a short break, Sing Sing indeed already began working on this domestic film. Yesterday the team blocked off the famous landmark Temple Street to shoot a gun fight in the busy city streets at noon. Such a big production of course would attract onlookers. The most eye catching had to be Sing Sing, who for the role wore fake buckteeth and held a hand grenade in his hand -- a complete reversal from his past cool guy image!

Sing Sing earlier at an event already revealed that his next new film would shoot on location at many Hong Kong landmarks, one of which was best known for its night market, Temple Street. He also estimated that Temple Street would be blocked off for a week for the shoot. Yesterday Sing Sing was seen on Temple Street while shooting a gun fight scene, also present were actors Maggie Cheung Ho Yi and Leung Chung Hang.

Yesterday around 1PM, the team shot the gun fight scene on the already blocked off Temple street. A hostage was taken. Sing Sing in an outdated suit look and sunglasses sat in the school bus driver's seat. Suddenly he stood up and tossed a bomb outside; the most special part of Sing Sing's robber look was his rather hilarious looking fake buckteeth. The 180 degree image change was quite a large breakthrough.

Sing Sing earlier at an even mentioned that his new film's role was one that he has never played before, a robber with a reason. As for whether he was good or evil he would not be able to reveal yet. At the time he even pointed out that the character appearance would have quite a big breakthrough that would be completely unlike him. He even guaranteed that no one would have seen it yet, the dark humor genre that would be exciting yet funny. Sing Sing his time would also continue to work with a new director. In recent years he has already worked with many domestic new directors, and felt that new directors gave him a lot of space to perform. Sing Sing this time still did not discuss the salary, as he only had his heart on supporting new directors and domestic films. He also revealed that his co-stars would be Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung.

Yesterday also taking part on the Temple Street gun fight was Cheung Ho Yi. During the gun fight she took cover behind cars, knelt down and got up again to dodge bullets. After a shot she could not help but press her leg, seemingly feeling pain or her joint was affected from kneeling down and getting up again. Extras played pedestrians, and during the shoot gun shots and explosions could be very clearly heard. Many stopped and looked on. Some Temple Street neighbors said that the tem has already been shooting there for several days. Although some vendors opened for business still, obviously they could not operate as usual. The team however only shot until dusk, at 5PM they got off work. Temple Street stalls at night gradually resumed operation.

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