Friday, November 26, 2021


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The Anson Lo Hon Ting, Chloe So Ho Yi, Summer Chan Chi Huen, Heidi Lee Ching Yi and Alina Lee Yan Yi starred film SHOWBIZ SPY (GA MO NUI TUEN) with the opening day, the premiere and the advanced screenings made over HK$ 1.1 million on its first day. The cast and the crew were happy to see the results. Anson Lo would even appear at cinemas to thank the audience.

Anson Lo in the film also had his first martial art fight scene attempt. In order to handle action director Law Ho Ming's action designs, they had few action performance lessons. Anson Lo did not disappoint, as he was able to perform one of the leaps in one take. The performance had the crew applauding him in praise.

However Chan Chi Huen was not as lucky. When rehearsing one scene, she descended from a hand stand and sprained her neck. She could not move. As everyone was concerned, she withstood the pain and smiled as she comforted everyone. Luckily after going to the hospital and treatment from the doctors she was fine. Originally the doctor suggested for her to rest, but she did not want to hinder the production. The next day she insisted on going to work with a neck brace. Even the director and producer Charlie could not help but praise her professionalism.

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