Sunday, November 7, 2021


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday attended a charity screening of the film she produced and starred in, ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI). She received flowers from the child actor who played the young So Wa Wai to wish good performance for the film.

After being selected to represent Hong Kong at the Oscars, the film's actress Kwan Yu also received the Chinese American Film Festival Best Actress award. She said that she was jumping with excitement. As for celebrating, she said that because she was busy with her Lunar New Year film, she hoped to be able to celebrate with them after its completion.

Did her daughter know that she won? Kwan Yu said, "She probably saw the news. I asked her to pay attention to my social media. She has already seen the films many times, but she hasn't talked about how she felt about it." Kwan Yu said her daughter also had her heart on performing, because she was chosen to be the lead in a musical. "She is very busy with the singing and the dancing, I am helping her and teaching her about acting. Perhaps she was in her adolescent rebellious phase, she would listen sometimes but not others. I would let her experience it herself. I wouldn't because I am so professional that I would want to her to be like this or that. In the end I am not 100% good either. Sometimes at home we would practice our acting, but she had to speak English. For me that's good, it could help me with my future in Hollywood, haha!"

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