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Both of Fish Liew's films are eye catching
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Cya Liu feels that praises for her acting are already the greatest reward
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Cya Liu had many scenes of being attacked, with wounds everyday.  Although she had scars all over, she thought the film was well worth the effort.

Fish Liew felt like she was going back in time when she worked on the additional shoots
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Cya Liu and Fish Liew Chi Yu in the new film LIMBO (JI CHI) received praises for their unselfish performance. Cya Liu was said to be a Best Actress nomination favorite. She earlier said that she hoped to have a chance to be nominated, and that the character's mental state was very complex. She spent half a year before she was able to leave the character. Liew Chi Yu during the shoot was accidentally tossed on the floor. Both however said that working on LIMBO was a memorable experience.

Cya Liu and Liew Chi Yu earlier promoted their new film LIMBO together. Cya Liu was in Beijing so she could only be interviewed over video. She regretted that she was unable to come to Hong Kong to promote. Speaking of being continuously attacked in the film, she said that everyday she had wounds but really appreciated the scars on her body. She felt it was the result of hard work. "I couldn't tell whether the wounds on my body were new or old, I had many bruises. Once my buttocks was injured but I didn't dare to tell the director. I was afraid that he would cast someone else." She also said that after making LIMBO she felt very tired. "This character kept running for her life, struggling between the crime and the atonement. A lot of emotions were accumulated during the shoot, after which I had bad moods for half a year. However I told myself that I had to return to reality. Many friends drank and chatted with me before I was able to slowly leave the role." Cya Liu was said to have a chance at the Hong Kong Film Award nomination. She said that of course she hoped to have the opportunity, but awards did not mean as much to her. She said that being able to finish LIMBO was already the greatest reward, as it was a very important memory and film. From now on would she accept Soi Cheang Pou Soi's movies? She said, "From now on I would have to get my mind ready before agreeing, at the time I was too impulsive. I saw the director's DOG BITE DOG, in which all the fights were between men. I never thought that this time there was no differentiation between the sexes for me."

Although Liew Chi Yu's role in the new film LIMBO was not considered big, the performance was a breakthrough. She revealed that she first made LIMBO then ANITA. A year later she worked on additional shoots for LIMBO. "In the film were two years of visuals put together. Shooting again after a year the feeling was different. I was very happy to have the chance to perform a little better. The director was great. He didn't used any coercive method, which instead added to my stress as I wanted to make every scene better even more." In one scene Lam Ka Tung threw her onto a mattress, but because Ka Tung missed she landed on the ground and she was left seeing stars. "At the time I was confirming whether I was still conscious, but I didn't hear the director yell cut. I could only keep going. I felt like a rat then, when someone hit me I had to duck into a corner, on the edge of death. I was very grateful that the director didn't yell cut, only from which I was able to achieve this feeling. Later this version was used. After the cameras stopped, everyone very anxiously rushed up and kept asking me if I was fine. When Ka Tung confirmed I was OK, he said to me 'You did very well', which made me feel deeply honored. It was like everyone just finished a boxing match, a very memorable experience."

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