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Fish Liew fell to the ground from Gordon Lam's attack in one scene.  She got dizzy but kept going and he praised her for her professionalism.

Fish Liew said her film ANITA only wanted to capture the most exciting parts of Anita Mui's life
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Fish Liew got dizzy after an attack from Gordon Lam but still said thanked you 
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After ANITA, Fish Liew and Gordon Lam have another new film release LIMBO

Jennifer Yu (right) and her sister Zoe Yu
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The Soi Cheang Pou Soi directed, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Cya Liu, and Fish Liew Chi Yu starred film LIMBO (JI CHI) two nights ago held its premiere. Lam Ka Tung talked about Mui Kai Ming's regret that the film ANITA did not mention Mother Mui and the rest of the family. Ka Tung felt that Sister Mui's family had the right to speak about their views, but as a fan he completely accepted how Sister Mui was in the eyes of the people of Hong Kong. The film was also able to bring happy memories to them. Liew Chi Yu pointed out that due to the limitation of the film length, it only wanted to capture Sister Mui's most exciting life and bring out her strong spirit.

Friends Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and her sister Zoe Yu Kit Ying, Jacky Cai Jie and others two nights ago showed their support at the LIMBO premiere. Ka Tung revealed that in one scene Liew Chi Yu fell to the ground from his attack, but hit her head on the floor. However the director has not yelled cut yet, so she could only keep performing. After that he thought Liew Chi Yu was a very professional actor.

Liew Chi Yu said that she fell a little further from the padding, after her head hit the ground she felt dizzy. However after recovering she realized that everyone was still performing, so she immediately jumped in. After the cameras stopped rolling Lam Ka Tung rushed to help her up and kept asking if she was fine. He even praised her performance. She thought to herself that was worth getting hit several more times, but due to the dizziness she went to the hospital later to get checked out. She said, "This was my first large scale film production and action film, and the first time that I had my name on an actor's cup." She even described that this time her character was like garbage and rats, she constantly had to hide. However she felt fortunate to be able to land this role, and even joked that next time she still would hope to perform well. She did not want to encounter this type of torturous in film experience in real life though.

In addition, speaking of Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming expressing regret over the film ANITA's lack of mention of Mother Mui and the rest of the family, Lam Ka Tung said, "He is a relative, he has the right to speak about his view. Sister Mui aside from being Mother Mui's daughter and his sister, how was Sister Mui in the eyes of the people of Hong Kong? As a fan I completely accept the film! I feel it was able to give happy memories to them." Liew Chi Yu said that due to the limitation of the film length, it only wanted to shoot the most exciting parts of Sister Mui's life and bring out Sister Mui's strong spirit.

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