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Gordon Lam's LIMBO performance is seen as Best Actor worthy.  He however feels awards are secondary, making a good movie is more important.

Working with Hiroyuki Ikenuchi again, Gordon Lam says that they have more chemistry
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Gordon Lam Ka Tung in the new film LIMBO had any action scenes. Aside from beating up Cya Liu, his fight scene with Hiroyuki Ikenuchi was very exciting. Ka Tung described it as "free style combat" because director Soi Cheang Pou Soi only told them the area of the fight and where the "weapons" were. They were free to do whatever they wanted. He joked that his painful expressions in the film were real, and Hiroyuki Ikenuchi really got dizzy from the fight. However even with the pain, as long as the director did not yell cut they could only keep on performing.

Lam Ka Tung's performance in Cheang Pou Soi's new film LIMBO received praises and hopes for another Best Actor award. However he said that awards would only be bonuses. The most important was for the audience to see a good movie. LIMBO did not disappoint as it performed well at many overseas film festivals.

Ka Tung worked for the first time with Cya Liu and Mason Lee and praised them as outstanding actors. Cya Liu's performance in particular surprised him. "I had hatred for Cya Liu because she made my wife miscarried and became a vegetable. After that each time I ran into her I had it out for her, I wanted revenge. Each time I saw her I chased and hit her to relieve the hatred in my heart."

In a scene outside the morgue, Ka Tung kicked Cya Lu -- the brutality with which was almost too much to witness. "I don't want the girl to be hit too many times, so I wanted just one take. However this scene took two because in one of the takes the phone was outside the shoot. Before hand we didn't talk about how to fight. Before I started I would worry. In comparison to the scene in which Sham Chun Hin surrounded her, at the time she had a weapon to protect herself and could yell for help. However at the morgue she couldn't. She could only plead with me. However she was my enemy and she due to shame did not dare to fight back, so she could only take it. I could only fight with all I got. The stress was greater. (Did you communicate how to fight before hand?) No, but I knew she had a spot that have taken protective measures. I kept an eye on the fighting. The director only told me the area of the fight, as long as I didn't exceed the borders I could take all the marks I wanted, fight as much as I could. I was pretty surprised by Cya's response. Her reaction was really real, I worried the most bout her feeling the pain. If she did then she would slip, and if she slipped then we would have to start over. However she didn't, no matter how much it hurt she stayed inside the character. Even when the phone dropped she still picked it up and kept acting. She didn't stop, very professional. (Did you want to hold back?) Of course more or less I did, but in order to play the role well I had no choice. I could only make less bad takes and not too use too many takes, I tried to finish the fight as soon as possible."

Another scene with Hiroyuki Ikenuchi ws one of the major scenes. Ka Tung and Ikenuchi worked together on IP MAN. They were full of chemistry for this reunion, but Ka Tung felt that his co-star had it rougher this time. "IP MAN had styles that could be followed, this time however there were none. Ours was a free fight. The director only told us the area of the fight and what weapons were nearby. We had to come up with ways to get them. Thus before hand we first confirmed whether the props and the set were stable, if they were OK then we went. We both were experienced actor, didn't have too many problems. The only thing I was sorry for, as soon as he came and dragged me to the trash can to fight. As soon as he pulled, my instinct was to retaliate. I really knocked him silly so he really got dizzy. However the director didn't yell cut. He was swaying but he kept walking out. I really hurt him, so he had it pretty rough."

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