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Gordon Lam reveals that some viewers may feel depressed after watching the film.  He would try to make them think from a different angle
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Gordon Lam Ka Tung two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event for his new film LIMBO (JI CHI). Later he would go to two more shows. Although he just rushed over from work, he was very happy to see everyone at the cinema. Ka Tung revealed that he was working with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) on a new film. For two days in a row he had to start work at 6AM. He joked that as soon as he began to work he "wilted", because the film had many chase scenes. He also had to drive a rundown taxi. He said, "Over the past few years I made many downer movies. This time I am making one with some comedy, even I would be a little happier and not as stressed. Although I didn't get depressed from the shoot, but after making many depressing movies I wouldn't be all that pleasant. While I didn't realize it, friends would see me not smiling as much as before. (Would you be very unhappy?) It's normal to be unknowingly unhappy, so I hope to be able to make more happy movies from now on."

Ka Tung also revealed that the new film has planned to wrap around Christmas. Working on the holiday was happy too, because while others went out to spend he was getting paid to work. In addition, he has been busy with reading scripts as he hoped to produce again next year. He said that many people thought that he has not produced enough. However he thought that he was troublesome, as he did not hope for audience to watch anything conventional. Thus he would work slow.

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