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Fish Liew, who played Ann Mui, went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to support Louise Wong
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Louise Wong put on a replica of Anita Mui's wedding gown, climbed the long flight of stairs, waved to the audience and bid farewell

Terrance Lau volunteers to climb into the coffin for Louise Wong in the Leslie Cheung funeral scene

The film company hired almost all of Hong Kong extras to play fans at Leslie Cheung's funeral

In the film Louise Wong performed the funeral scene

When Anita Mui attended Leslie Cheung's funeral she needed help from Choy Yat Chi and others.  On April 8th 2003, Leslie Cheung's funeral took place at the Hong Kong Funeral Home.
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The film ANITA became the first Hong Kong film to shoot at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The production team used the HK Coliseum to shoot the memorable moment of music diva Anita Mui Yim Fong's farewell to the stage; it even brought back the late superstar "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's funeral. These two important scenes alone would likely bring back memories for many fans.

The film company spared no effort to bring two memorable scenes of Sister Mui's farewell to the stage at the HK Coliseum and "Gor Gor" Cheung Kwok Wing's funeral back for the audience. As for the nostalgia, the audience would again see the effort Hong Kong filmmakers contributed to film.

In order to bring back Sister Mui's HK Coliseum farewell concert and Gor Gor's funeral, the team first must overcome various difficulties, including competing with many singers for the Hong Kong Coliseum schedule and shoot on location there. After various department's applications and approvals, ANITA finally became the first Hong Kong film to shoot at the actual location of the HK Coliseum. The director was more impressed with the "Gor Gor" funeral scene. Lau Chun Him who played "Gor Gor" originally did not need to appear in the scene in which Sister Mui bid farewell to Gor Gor, but Ah Him in order to help Louise Wong Dan Nei get into the role of Sister Mui volunteered to lie in the coffin. When Wong Dan Nei saw she got into the role right away, crying her eyes all red.

In order to shoot Sister Mui's final farewell concert 45 days before her passing, the director and the production team went above and beyond. The music of Wong Dan Nei's on stage performance of SONG OF SUNSET was not from a DVD. They bought the song's original track with an all new arrangement, then played it over 60 speakers for the audience to feel like they were at the HK Coliseum. Wong Dan Nei for this scene also put in a lot of hard work, putting on the wedding gown replica of what Sister Mui wore, climbing the long flight of stairs to wave to the audience and bid farewell. The scene touched the hearts of many. Finished with her shoot already, Fish Liew Chi Yu went to visit the set to witness this major scene. She too was moved to tears.

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