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Anson Lo already makes a breakthrough performance in his film debut

Chloe So remembers her "running life" during her girl group days

Heidi (right) says she often falls victim to Chloe and Anson Lo's pranks
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Popular boy band MIRROR's Anson Lo already dropped his idol burden in his film debut for a girl disguise. His co-stars Heidi and So Ho Yi both praised his professionalism!

Anson Lo, Chloe So Ho Yi and Heidi Lee Ching Yi starred in the film SHOWBIZ SPY (GA MO NUI TUEN), which will open soon. Anson played a special agent who went undercover in a girl group contest for his investigation. For their first time working together, Anson revealed that when he first saw Heidi he was very scared, "She picked up the cartwheel very fast, and when she wasn't smiling she looked very distant." However after getting along they quickly broke through the gap. Heidi even joked that they would play pranks on her.

Speaking of his first film role being the lead already, Anson stated that he had stress but thanked producer Charlie Wong Wing Fung's appreciation. "From the start when the producer approached me, I joked if he was already looking for me? I didn't have much acting experience, I really thank him for giving a new comer a chance." This time he even made the sacrifice to go in disguise for the performance. Dressed as a girl for the first time he joked, "I had to wear several layers when I got dressed, the make up had to be heavier than everyone else's. I felt the pain of being a female artist." During the shoot he had to "pad his chest" in the heat, leading to a reaction. Aside from wearing dresses and heels, for the story he even had to shave his legs. He joked, "It was a huge breakthrough, I played it in an exaggerated manner. For now this is my absolute bottom line."

With Anson's numerous "disciples", did the ladies have any pressure while working together? They joked that they could not touch Anson, then Heidi seriously said, "It's a professional job, but we got lucky. One scene was very exciting!" Anson said that the biggest difference between a girl group and a boy band was that girls needed more time for make up, but he did not feel they were particularly noisy. Instead MIRROR in the dressing room played video games and sang so they were much noisier. Speaking of girl group life, Heidi remembered when they were dropped off one by one at home. She would always be the last one. Chloe joked, "Before the company dance studio had a monitor us. We had to rehearse and run. After breaking up I never ran again."

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