Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Eddie Cheung remembers to hold his companion's hand but get into the wrong vehicle
Dicky Cheung and his wife pose with his old flame Alvina Kong
Even the bride wants a picture with drunk Eric Tsang
Sandra Ng pretends to be drunk as she leaves
Alex To, Cecilia Yip
Edmond Leung sobers up before leaving
The groom finally leaves yesterday afternoon

William So tries to strip Alex To
William So jams with Pakho Chau
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Choy Yat Chi has to help Dicky Cheung to the vehicle
Dicky Cheung's wife tries to keep her drunk husband from the cameras
Eric Tsang is out cold again and has no idea Louis Tan and Ray Lui are having a little fun with him
Dicky Cheung and his wife
The bride aims the bouqet at Joey Yung
Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau attend the wedding banquet together
Friends perform with well wishes for William So
Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui were not William So and Anita Fung's matchamkers but also witnesses to their wedding
William So named a school after his wife
William So earlier visited a school in Changsha and asked the students to sign a card for his wife
William So booked the restaurant below for the post party.  He and his wife remained sober to take care of their friends
Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui stay until 2AM
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