Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Whose hand is Margie Tsang holding?  That is Sandra Ng
Sandra Ng and Margie Tsang greet each other by grabbing at each other's chests
Sandra Ng arranges for the hunks to pose with Margie Tsang
Wilfred Lau, Philip Keung and Babyjohn Choi
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's Lunar New Year film 12 GUM NGAP (12 GOLDEN DUCKS) yesterday shot for 8 hours in Kowloon City. Margie Tsang Wa Sin visited the set. Kwan Yu arranged for the hunks to surround Tsang Wa Sin like a human wall, as the two middle aged women screamed and shouted!

Yesterday 12 GUM NGAP shot a police sweep at a night spot. In the film "three colored ducks" Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik and Philip Keung Ho Man were lined up and sent into a vehicle with other gigolos. A group of extras played reporters, they even posed when they faced the camera. Ng Kwan Yu in the film had a counterfeit G-Dragon look. Yesterday she appeared in a suit, looking even manlier than in PORTLAND STREET BLUES (HUNG HING SUP SAM MUI).

During the shoot Tsang Wa Sin visited the set. They greeted each other with chest grabbing. Despite being a mother, with an old friend Ng Kwan Yu did not forget her mischievous nature. Even Tsang Wa Sin was not spared.

Tsang Wa Sin was prepared and struck back. Kwan Yu later asked for the hunks who played gigolos for photos. Tsang Wa Sin and Kwan Yu was surrounded. Tsang Wa Sin did not expect another attack from Ng Kwan Yu, as the two women screamed and shouted on the street they brought a lot of cheer.

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