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DEAREST's Peter Chan wins Best Director
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The 2nd London China International Film Festival award ceremony took place on the 6th in London. DEAREST won Best Picture and its director Peter Chan Ho Sun won Best Director. Among the remaining 17 awards, Nick Cheung Ka Fai won Best Actor, Mini Yang Mi won the most influential overseas, Liang Jing won Best Substance Actor award. ORDINARY ROAD won Best Original Music.

Ka Fai with UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) won Best Actor, his 16th actor award. At the same time he won his seventh Best Actor with UNBEATABLE. Best Actress went to THE GOLDEN ERA's Tang Wei.

Ka Fai said that every one of his awards represented the audience's recognition of his work, for which he felt very happy about. He also would urge himself to continue to work hard, as he hoped that he would further improvement in every film.

Ka Fai's trip was very rushed, as he only stayed for three days and two nights. However he still took time to sightsee. This was his second time in London. His favorite place was Notting Hill because the area had a variety of shops and stalls. He was also able to experience the life of the locals through the products that they sold. He would also be reminded of the film NOTTING HILL.

Chan Ho Sun won Best Director with the film DEAREST, which also won Best Picture. Chan Ho Sun and Ka Fai ran into each other and had lunch at a famous Indian restaurant there. Ka Fai's birthday was last week, how did he celebrate? Ka Fai said that birthday to him has never been too special, usually dinner and cake with family.

Chan Ho Sun humbly said, "Being able to win at the China International Film Festival in London already represented that I have the audience' recognition. I am very pleased with DEAREST's performance. Of course if DEAREST will be able to receive even better performance internationally in the future, my team and I will be very happy."

"First I want to thank the China International Film Festival in London, England. I also want to thank the film company but I have to thank the audience for their support the most. They feel the story is touching, they even experienced some of the story."

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