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Jerry Lamb, Michael Tse, Jordan Chan and Jason Chu have a rare YOUNG AND DANGEROUS reunion
Andrew Lau and his wife
Shawn Yue feels helpless about rumors
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The Andrew Lau Wai Keung directed film GREEN DRAGON two nights ago held its premiere in Mongkok. Michael Tse Tin Wa, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung and Jason Chu Wing Tong as well as Shawn Yue Man Lok showed their support. Edison Chen Koon Hei who was rumored to be dumped after "cheating" originally agreed to attend but in the end did not appear.

Tse Tin Wa said about rumors that his wife was carrying a girl. "I have already reached the middle of life, boy or girl doesn't matter." He pointed out that his wife knew the sex of the baby but would not tell him. He could only guess with the signs that housewives have taught him.Tin Wa joked, "It's either a boy or a girl. (What would your wife like?) She already said long ago that having an older brother to take care of the younger sister would be better. (Will you have two?) Let it happen naturally!" Reportedly his wife ballooned up over the pregnancy, Tin Wa said that he has never seen a skinny pregnant mother. His wife was not upset over it and was not worried about slimming down after giving birth. Will he go to the delivery room with his wife? He said that he would try to, if he would have to work he would still take time off. Tin Wa revealed that the expectant date would be the Lunar New Year. He did not know whether it will be a horse or sheep baby, but the baby was very active. "My wife said that the baby often used the Foshan no shadow kick, constantly moving around in the belly. However as soon as I touched her it would stop. It's amazing. Maybe it's afraid of me."

Siu Chun revealed that his son liked foreign girls. "My son now already has many girls around him. He can take his time with his choice. Mommy even revealed that at the school a foreign girl was to his right and Chinese was to his left. I didn't like foreign girls before, but my son likes foreign girls. He wins." Would he try for another child? Siu Chun said that he was working on it. He felt that another one would be good for the child. "I am afraid that later after growing up my son wouldn't like to share his life with his family. When I don't know what he is thinking, I can get the younger sibling to gather information."

Yue Man Lok felt helpless about rumors with "Jing Girl" Kimmy Tong Fei after working together. He denied that he asked her for her number, but he said that he would not mind promoting the film with rumors. "I am OK to make the sacrifice for the film. I only worked with her for two days." Despite his "shoulder bumping incident" with Chen Koon Hei, he said that he would not feel awkward even if they were at the same place. Earlier while working in Tokyo he ran into him on the street and they exchanged pleasantries.

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