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Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh have a passionate kiss scene in the pool
Charmaine Sheh and Louis Koo play a couple for the first time
Viewers already look forward to the beautiful people, scenery and the romantic scenes just from the trailer alone
Sam Gor (Francis Ng) extends the romance with the Sammi Cheng played film veresion Ho Nin Hei
Sammi Cheng cries at will in this scene
Cool Demon Julian Cheung conquers Amber Kuo
Louis Koo looks cool as a pilot
How can the trailer be without this classic shot
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The Year of the Sheep Lunar New Year's Day will be February 19 next year. The Lunar New Year films have begun its invasion. With 3 kings and 3 queens Francis Ng Chun Yu, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Amber Kuo team up for the TRIUMPH OF THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) movie. Yesterday its trailer was released. Goo Jai and Ah Sheh's kiss in the water was very fiery; FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON II) will pair Chow Yun Fat with Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Carina Lau Ka Ling; Sandra Ng KWan Yu's 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) will again use an all star surprise cameos for its Valentine's Day release.

Continuing from the television series, the TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES film has been scheduled for a February 19 Lunar New Year's Day release. It will directly confront the Fat Gor, Cheung Ka Fai and Lau Ka Ling starred FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 and the Jackie Chan starred DRAGON BLADE.

This year's Lunar New Year film champion, FROM VEGAS TO MACAU made HK$ 35 million in Hong Kong and over 500 million yuan RMB in the Mainland. Next year Fat Gor will strike again with his charm, but it will run into a strong rival in the TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES movie. Yesterday TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES trailer "2015 LOVE IN FLIGHT" was unveiled. With Eason Chan Yik Sing's AGE LIKE SONG pairing beautiful people and scenery, the fiery love stories are truly worth their anticipation; in particular all three couples have kiss scenes in the trailer, Koo Tin Lok and Sheh Si Man's swimming pool kiss scene even became the bright spot. Cheung Chi Lam and Amber Kuo had a Cool Demon style nose to nose loving, and Ng Chun Yu and Sammi shared a very romantic peck. Thus as soon as the trailer was released, the interview heated up with discussions, praising how cool Ng Chun Yu was and going to the movies for Cool Demon. Each had their fan support. With Ng Chun Yu's Mainland popularity due to WHERE ARE YOU GOING DAD 2, the film's Mainland box office will have a lot of help.

Sammi yesterday posted on Weibo, "After the Touch Mi concerts will come TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES. I really like every character in the series. Each with their own past and experience, they really are like a snapshot of the real world. Yet, love is the nutrition in life, it makes people find the reason and the strength to bravely fly!"

At the same time although Ng Kwan Yu is still working on 12 GOLDEN DUCK, she is confident that this Hong Kong film will bring Hong Kong people to the movies. Reportedly it will be released on Valentine's Day. Because of many surprise actor appearances, Kwan Yu yesterday posted photos of guest stars Joey Yung Cho Yi and Anthony Wong Chau Sun on facebook. With her show business connections, the guest stars will conceivably be very fresh.

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