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The Fresh Wave 2014 International Short Film exhibition closing ceremony and award presentation took place two nights ago in Chai Wan's Youth Square. Famous action director Yuen Woo Ping, "Fresh Wave" founder and consultant Johnnie To Kei Fung and Chin Siu Ho attended the event.

Cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung (Tall Guy) passed away in an accident during Jackie Chan's new film production SKIPTRACE. The incident caught the industry's attention, including To Kei Fung's. Yet he and Chan Kwok Hung have never worked together. To Kei Fung said, "How can eight people be on a sampan, I would never even imagine that an accident like this would happen. Everyone should pay attention to safety. Sometimes we would miss something, but film productions should not gamble with lives. Film productions now aren't as dangerous as they used to be. Nothing like this should happen." To Kei Fung said that his previous films at most would only have broken arms and legs, nothing fatal. He said, "Hong Kong film productions gamble with lives, which is Hong Kong's film spirit. Yet Hong Kong stunt people now shouldn't have to suffer like that, because there is (computer) special effects."

Yuen Woo Ping expressed regret over the drowning accident. He said, "How sad! How can how people fit on a sampan, safety comes first no matter what. At work all safety precautions have to be taken. In our era previously we also paid attention to safety, nothing like this ever happened." Chin Siu Ho attended with his 12 year old son. Speaking of the accident, he lamented, "Eight people in a sampan is truly too dangerous and exceeded capacity. Everyone should follow the rules and not gamble with lives like we did in the 80s."

In addition, Chan Kwok Hung's cinematographer friend Anthony Pun (Poon Yiu Ming) and other colleagues created a memorial booklet for him as a little memory of Tall Guy, they hoped Tall Guy's friends would casually write a few brief words and add a little warmth to the memorial book. Due to the tight schedule, anyone who is interested may visit to leave a few words for Tall Guy. Tall Guy's memorial services has been scheduled to begin on January 1st at the International Funeral Parlor, with the funeral taking place the next day.

The Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association yesterday pleaded with colleagues to help Chan Kwok Hung's family. "Earlier cinematographer Mr. Chan Kwok Hung passed away during a production accident, for which this organization expresses deep regret. Due to how sudden the accident took place, his family has lost their pillar in their lives. This organization now already has received Mrs. Chan's bank information. We hope that all kind colleagues will have the spirit of mutual assistance and help his family get through the difficult times together."

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